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Just a quick note.

I wanted to mention that Maaaaa is posting all her stories to AO3. I've been having a blast reading them and of course leaving a kudo for each. I'm so happy to see them there and needed to share with you. Read, leave Kudos. :) Here is the link: Maaaaa

Have a nice night.
Dancing Snoopy by Nicci_Mac

Guess what I got in the mail today?

My copies of my Children's book that is coming out on the 31st. It's so cute. The little ones are going to love it. :) They gave me enough copies for my kids and my sibs and soft bound for the grandkids. I was so excited.
Here is what the cover looks like. My great-grandson, Kallan thought it was cool. :) So did Sam and she's 14.

cover of book
Dancing snoopy2

Everyone is asking me this.

Everyone has been calling me and asking me if my children's book is still coming out on March 31st. My answer, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares? I was very excited but now we're in the middle of a pandemic and I don't want to have to think about my book right now. So I have no idea if it'll be out or not and I'm okay with a delay. I just want my family to be well and happy. My friends, too.

I walk 1.5 miles every day just to get out of the house. I never see a soul out there. So not worried about catching anything. I'm trying to strengthen my lungs just in case. And I'm losing a little weight at the same time. Woot.

How is everyone feeling? I hope well. Everyone in my family is having some allergy trouble, seasonal, but other than that we all feel good. I say a rosary every single night for everyone. Let's hope that God is listening. It gives me peace to do it.

Be well, my friends. Hugs to all. Virtual hugs are all we get these days. :) Patt

Some wonderful news. Very unexpected.

I just had to post a birthday note about what happened to me today. I’ve been waiting for three months to see a Pulmonologist and finally got an appointment to see him on my birthday. I hated to do it, but also knew I needed to find out what to do for my lungs with COPD. I had the tests done in December and my primary doc called and said, I had moderate COPD and I would need to see a specialist for it.

Now here’s the weird part, I’ve been feeling pretty good. And on the Cruise, I walked and walked and walked. Nothing seemed to bother me. When I got home, I found out I had lost a lot of weight while on vacation, which is odd in itself. But I still felt really good.

My son, Thomas has been so worried about me and the Corona virus. He just knew I would get it and that would be that. (Such an upbeat person, eh?)

I went and had the test done today and then an hour later had to see the doctor. He needed time to go over it and see what was what. So we went for a drive and came back an hour later. I met the doctor and he asked me who had diagnosed me with COPD. I had my first little bit of hope at the way he asked it. (Like I didn’t have it.) I told him my primary care doc did and he suggested I look into it because I don’t have COPD at all. Then he smiled at me and said, “Happy Birthday, Patricia. This is a good gift, isn’t it?” I hugged him and said I couldn’t believe it. He said the lung xray looked like one of a person that smoked for 20 years, nothing else. Then he said my Breathing test was like from a person that was having a terrible time with her Asthma. But no COPD. And he’s right. Happy Birthday, to me. LOL He asked me to get some more weight off of me and then start walking more, swimming more and see if I can’t get some weight off soon. Every pound will make me feel better he said. I’m so happy to have this over with. People that think they have COPD are living like it might be their last years. And I was really worried about it. So, I’m thrilled and praising the Lord for looking out for me. I have a wonderful life.

Hugs to everyone and take care of yourselves.