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The Five Meme

Jimmied from lit_gal

Five Things in my Fridge
1. Pork Roast
2. Salsa
3. Cheese - cheddar and american.
4. Milk
5. Ketchup

Five Things in my closet
1. Hangers
2. Hamper
3. Clothes
4. Suitcase
5. Foot Massager

Five Things in My Car
1. Water bottle
2. James Patterson book
3. Tapes
4. Winshield Sunscreen
5. Insurance card

Five things in my wallet
1. Debit card
2. Driver's License
3. JC Penney card
4. Social Security card
5. INsurance card

I tag whoever wants to do this. Yeah, yeah... that's cheating. Sue me.
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