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For pictures and story of our Grandson, look here:

Our Grandson Vincent, who lives with us has had a hard time making friends since we've been here in our new town. He hangs with me most of the time, but how boring for a 17 1/2 year old. Well he started working at Quizno's and he has made some friends. He's out with one of them now and I'm a little worried because they said they wouldn't be late. I didn't ask either of them what time late was. DUH. So I'll just wait and hear what they did when he gets home. I'm happy for him that he was with some young people for a change, he was just so darn lonely. Nothing beats working, making a paycheck and having friends. So we're hoping that he'll get off to a fresh start and be happier. We can only hope. And next time I'll give him a time frame to work in. I wasn't thinking about it. We'll both learn from this experience.

Here is a picture of him so you can see how sweet he looks. :)

There is an underground tunnel that kids around here do Graffiti in and this is Vincent with something he did. He loves spray painting.

Update: He made it home at 3:15. He was at a party and had a wonderful time. I told him next time to call and ask first. DUH. :)

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