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What's up?

I've been working on the Moonridge My Mongoose Ezine and it's going to be quite big. There are a lot of new stories and some from the lj's. I'm getting everything ready for Lisa to html when she gets home.

Speaking of Lisa, her Father continues to do better after the setback, and she'll be able to go back to Maryland soon. She's been gone for a long while.

My grandson, Vincent applied for a job today and he might have an interview on Friday. I'm so hoping that it works out so he can meet new friends and have something to do. Not to mention he'll have his own money again. I can't wait. I'll have all three of the boys out working and have my house to myself again. *g*

I hope everyone is having a nice week. We're sweating to death. We're in the triple digits already. Do you believe it.

Hugs, Patt

PS: I'm still writing like mad. :) Or am I mad?

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