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Challenge 140 Cleaning Weapons :)

Title: Cleaning Weapons
Author: Patt
Summary: Jim is cleaning his gun.
Challenge: #140 Weapons
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 116
Beta: Mary Browne

Cleaning Weapons
By Patt

Jim Ellison sat at the kitchen table cleaning his weapon for the night. He yelled up at Blair in the loft bedroom, “Chief, bring me your weapon and I’ll clean it for you.”

After awhile Blair came down the stairs naked, walked into the kitchen, and stood before Jim smiling with his cock standing proudly away from his body.

“Very funny, Chief. You know I wasn’t talking about that weapon. But since you’re there and it does look like it needs to be cleaned, come here.” Jim licked his lips as Blair walked closer to the table. This was going to be fun.

And who said cleaning weapons was tedious?

The end.
Tags: fiction

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