pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Something to make you smile.

At the top of my page, you will find two emotion bears humping. LOL No, I'm not high on anything. Hit the refresh button and the two little bears line up and one of them is behind the slowly bouncing bear, which I'm calling Jim and the one behind is hopping like a crazy person, and I'm calling him Blair. Mary Browne and I have been watching them and laughing all night long. LOL Check it out. Of course it'll stop now that I wrote something about it on my LJ. :) I was telling Mary that I should sell looks for the Auction. *g* I hope they're still having fun when you check it out. Notice the smile Jim Bear is wearing. LOL

What the bears are saying:

BLair: Jim, down a little lower. Come on.
Jim: Stop jumping around and get it in.
Blair: I'm excited, I get to top.
Jim: Not if you don't get it in.
Blair: I've almost got it.
Jim: Finally. Now slow down.
Blair: Hey, I'm bouncy, ask anyone.

Hugs, Patt

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