pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

The Fabulous Fives

List your five favorite answers to each question, one being your favorite.

A. What are your five favorite fandoms?

1. Firefly
2. The Sentinel
3. Due South
4. Stargate SG-1
5. CSI Vegas

B. Who are your favorite characters?

1. Mal from Firefly
2. Benton from Due South
3. Jim from The Sentinel
4. Teal'c from Stargate
5. Jayne from Firefly

C. Who do you slash in your fandoms?

1. Benton and RayK from Due South
2. Jim and Blair from The Sentinel
3. Teal'c and Jack from Stargate
4. Gil and Nick from CSI Vegas
5. Jayne and Vera. LOL

D. Who do you believe would make great het couples?

1. Zoe and Wash from Firefly
2. Joel and Conner from Sentinel
3. Teal'c and Sam from Stargate
4. Kaylee and Simon from Firefly
5. Warrick and Catherine from CSI

E. What makes you love your fandoms?

1. The humor in Sentinel.
2. The humor in Firefly.
3. The humor in Due South.
4. The humor in Stargate.
5. The drama of CSI.

F. Who do you think would be the nicest persons in real life?

1. Richard Burgi from The Sentinel
2. Paul Gross from Due South.
3. Nathan Fillion from Firefly.
4. Chris Judge from Stargate.
5. Adam Baldwin from Firefly.

G. Who would you ever like to meet in person?

I would never want to meet any of them because I'm too shy.

H. Who do you like to write fan fiction about the most?

1. Jim and Blair from the Sentinel.
2. Jayne from Firefly.
3. Kaylee from firefly. (Am working on something.)
4. Zoe and Wash from Firefly
5. Teal'c and Jack from Stargate.

I. Who do you most like to read in fan fiction?

1. Jim and Blair from Sentinel.
2. RayK and Benton from Due South.
3. Teal'c and Jack from Stargate.
4. Anything Firefly.
5. Anything CSI

J. What are your favorite television shows that are still on cable.

1. Stargate
2. Medium
3. CSI
4. Without A Trace
5. The Closer


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