pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

What to do when you don't have your new DVDs yet.

I walked excitedly to the mailbox, hoping that my Sentinel DVD's would be there, but no such luck. I will have to go through it again tomorrow. In the mean time, this is what I did instead. :)

1. I watched Firefly, Out of Gas and loved it even more again this time.

2. I watched Firefly, War Stories and almost had an anxiety attack.

3. I watched Firefly, Trash and laughed my butt off at the ending. It was worth watching for just that. :)

4. Thought about making dinner but will put that off until I watch one more Firefly episode.

5. I watched Firefly, Jaynestown and loved it all over again. I just love Jayne. *g*

6. Got the swiffer out to dust with and decided I wasn't in the mood because my DVD's didn't show up. I'm not cleaning until after I've watched them. That's my new rule.

7. Called Hubster and found out that he has a broken bone in his toe that healed wrong, so they have to try some things with that. I told him to go to the doctor about a month ago, but would he listen? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

8. Should be making dinner but instead I'm checking my LJ posts. It's more fun.

9. Ran to the Post Office because I was just mad at Postal Workers in general. LOL REally I had to mail a package to my daughter. :) Can you tell I'm not happy about not having my DVD's yet?

10. Well, there are no more excuses so I guess I'll have to make dinner. Wait, I have four new pieces of email. Maybe I'll do that first. I usually love cooking but I was in the mood for Jim and Blair, damn it all.

11. Have decided that I might write a small Sentinel story up with the boys watching Firefly and the guys come over for Poker and Jim and Blair find out that everyone watches Firefly. So much for poker, they talk about the show all night. That's the ticket. I'll work on that until I have to make dinner.

12. When exactly do I have to have dinner made anyhow? This would have all been better if I had seen my Jim and Blair today.

13. Going back to watching more firefly. Fuck dinner. LMAO


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