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Dizzy and falling apart.

I'm so dizzy that I can't lay down. I thought it was getting better, but today and tonight was worse. I'm very sick to my stomach from the room spinning. My new meds should be here today, I hope. I was out of the ones for the dizziness.

I got a call from my Doctors office and have to go in on the 13th to see him about my blood results. Seems that my Thyroid is too high, my Liver profile is too high, my B-12 (I have Pernicous Anemia) is too low and my Potasium is way too low and something about uric acid being too high too. Sounds like I'm falling apart, eh? This is the second year in a row my liver profile has been bad, so they may have to talk about taking me off a med. We'll have to see. *sigh* For all of you medical people, the med I'm talking about is Phenobarbital. I'm very sensitive to the other drugs that can be used, so I've been on Phenobarb for about 25 years.

I hope you're all having a better day then I am. Have a great Tuesday. :)

Hugs, Patt
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