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For three months, Arizona has had 70s and 80s weather instead of winter, and today I had plans with my friends KC and Margaret and wouldn't you know that we got rain all day long and only in the 40s. Talk about cold, we all went into shock. Now here is the best part of having great friends. They still came up and we had a wonderful time. First we visited for a short while, then went to lunch and on to the movie to see 16 Blocks. It was very good, we all liked it alot. Very different role for Bruce Willis. :) Then we did some shopping and Margaret bought me three movies. KC bought me a walking stick, a Dell Shannon book and three movies from Amazon. :) We ended up at the house and we chatted while I copied a tape for the girls of Wilby wonderful and then it was time for them to leave. I was sad. It was so good to see them. I can't wait until we do it again in July for Margaret's birthday. :)

I just wanted to share my wonderful day with anyone that reads this. I had a blast. It's truly wonderful to be blessed with good friends. :)

Hugs, Patt

PS: In case anyone wants to know what movies I got, here is the list:
The First Wives Club
The Negotiator
Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Uncle Buck
Guarding Tess
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