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I feel crappy. :(

Well, we might have gorgeous weather, but my body thinks it's winter and has given me an ear-ache and swollen glands. My entire left side of my face hurts to the touch. I'm hoping that it doesn't stay long and I feel better in a day or two. I have company coming up on Saturday the 11th. :)

I'm going to pick out a movie to see while they're here. I've decided on 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis. Hopefully they won't mind seeing that one. It's about the only one I really want to see at this time. I saw the trailer and it looked pretty good. Has anyone seen the movie or the trailer? I like action/suspense now and then.

I'm hoping I have enough energy to work with Vincent on his studying again this weekend. How exciting. He's also learning to drive. Happy day. LOL

I wish you all a happy and productive weekend.

Hugs, Patt

Check out the bear and what he's doing. LOL LMAO


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