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My Mongoose Announces!

...The Many Movies of The Sentinel 4!!! Yes, you read that right, it's
the fourth movie ezine we've done!!

And as we celebrate our FIFTH year producing ezines, we'd like to thank
all our faithful readers and encourage everyone who hasn't yet
experienced My Mongoose Ezines, to come take a look at our vast
selection. We have something for every one, for every taste, and for
every fancy.

Please remember that our authors enjoy feedback, please take the time
to let them know how much you appreciate their continued efforts in
keeping The Sentinel fandom alive and kicking ass!

Also, be aware that we are currently taking story submissions for
another Many Chapters Ezine, deadline May 20. There are many different
chapters and you might just have a wonderful little story that would fit
in nicely. Please ask either me ( or Patt
( and we'd be happy to send you a list of planned
chapters. We also plan for the unexpected. We plan to include
this ezine in the upcoming Moonridge auction.

Also again, our Many More Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel has been
removed from its temporary home on Lyn's Brothers In Arms, and hopefully
will be back up and running on the main My Mongoose site soon. Thanks
again Lyn! :)

Lisa, Duncan's Twin
My Mongoose Ezine Co-Editor

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