pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

If You Could Hear What I Hear

Title: If You Could Hear What I Hear

Summary: Jim overhears Blair planning on asking him out. Jim isn’t unhappy about it.


Warnings: m/m

If You Could Hear What I Hear
By Patt

Jim stood in the kitchen starting to make some coffee and listened to his partner in the bathroom, knowing he shouldn’t.

“That’s right you wuss, you’re going to tell him today. Today is the day you tell big Jim Ellison that you love him; or not.”

Jim smiled and couldn’t help but listen for some more juicy stuff.

“Stop being such a chicken shit, Sandburg. You know that Jim would never hit you. He might however throw you out of his loft if he so pleased, but I doubt that he would. Stop being such a pessimist. Be optimistic and think about how nice it would be if he was fucking you later on tonight.”

Jim wondered how he could bring this up to Blair without him knowing that he listened to him. He had made a promise a long time ago that he wouldn’t listen to Blair in the bathroom. Being a Sentinel was hard enough without restrictions.

Blair got even quieter as he said, “Yes, you’re going to tell him today. No more excuses. If he doesn’t have feelings for you, then you can just move on and so can Jim. I wonder how he looks naked and hard. These are the type of things that drive a man insane.”

Jim smiled again at the thought of Blair fantasizing about how he would look naked and hard. He had to find a way to tell him, so he wouldn’t have to worry about it. Jim wanted Blair as bad as Blair wanted Jim.

“You could start off with asking him out for dinner and a movie and not make it sound too datish. Is that a word, you wuss?”

Jim started laughing as he began to cook breakfast.

“That’s the ticket, you could ask him out on a date and not tell him it’s a date and hope things moved right along. There you go, that’s a plan, Stan.”

Jim couldn’t take it anymore. He walked over and knocked on the door and said, “If you could hear what I hear, you would be very pleased with the answer. Now get your sweet butt out of there so we can have breakfast and a talk.”

“Man, you’re not supposed to be listening to what I say in here. You promised.”

“Do you want to walk around all day calling yourself a wuss, or do you want to ask me out so I can say yes?” Jim smiled and backed up as Blair opened the door.

“You’d say yes?”


“Cool. Let’s eat and talk about our date then.” Blair pulled Jim’s face down and kissed him on the lips. Jim was just getting into it when Blair pulled away. “Not too much, man. I don’t want you to think I’m easy.”

“But Chief, you are easy.”

“Well, I’m not that easy. We’re having a damn date before we sleep together. So it’s tonight whether you want to or not.” Blair loved bossing his new love around.

Jim laughed and answered, “Sounds good to me, where are we going?”

“Tony’s Barbecue Grill is always good and then necking on the couch, followed by sleeping in the big bed.” Blair was going from his toes to his heels and back again, rocking in happiness.

“Sounds good to me, Blair, you’re on. And I don’t think I need to tell you that the big bed is now our bed and no one else’s, right?”

“Oh, I love the sound of a man that takes charge. I understand and totally agree with you, Jim. Is it tonight yet?”

“The day will fly by and we’ll get to have fun then.”

“Remind me again why I don’t want to do anything right now!”

“Because you don’t want me to think you’re easy, Blair.”

“If you call us in sick, I won’t mind having you think I’m easy.”

“I’ll make the call; you go upstairs and wait for me.” Jim laughed all the way to the phone and called Simon.

Blair bounced up the stairs and stripped his clothing off so fast, it made his head spin. When Jim walked to the top of the stairs, Blair was standing there naked, and a little bit shy.

“Very nice, Chief. Very nice. Now get in bed so I can warm you up.”

Blair did as he was told and before long, he was no longer shy or cold.

Blair’s last thought before Jim sucked him dry was how glad he was to be in Jim’s bed.

Life was good.

The end.

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