pattrose (pattrose) wrote,


Title: Surprise!
Author: Patt
Summary: Blair gets a tattoo and worries about Jim liking it.
Prompt # 042 Tattoo
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 3716
Beta: None

By Patt

Jim and Simon were in a meeting all day long, leaving Blair and Conner to have a day off together. Jim wasn’t too thrilled about that. Every time he spent time with Conner he got in some type of trouble.

As they walked through the shopping mall, Conner asked, “How about a tattoo?”

“I don’t think Jim would like that very much. He get’s angry if I even talk about getting another hole in my ear. So getting a tattoo is out.” Blair explained.

“I mean a Henna tattoo. I have one and no one’s noticed that it isn’t real. I showed Rafe and he was impressed that I let someone do that to my back.”

“All right, now we have to find a spot to hide out, so I can see this tattoo. Maybe I’ll get one if it’s not permanent.”

Conner pulled him into a store and they went towards the dressing room. She stopped and picked up a blouse on the way. Once they got to the dressing room, she pulled Blair in the room with her and yanked her shirt up. Blair was hit point blank with one of the most beautiful dragons he had ever seen. It almost took his breath away.

“All right, where do I get one of these?” Blair asked wearing a huge smile on his face.

“The shop is downstairs on the first floor. He’s fast too, so you can get it done today. Come on, Sandy, let’s get busy.” Conner pulled him out of the dressing room with everyone watching them and they took off for the first floor.

Once inside the tattoo shop, Blair started looking around and finally asked, “Do you have any wolves or panther’s?”

“Larry, this is my friend Sandy. Sandy, this is Larry.”

Larry was quick to answer Blair’s question. “Yes, we have quite a nice assortment of fine wolf and panther prints. Let me show you.”

Blair fell in love with one that had a wolf and a panther together. He decided on that one. “How long will this take?”

“About an hour if you hold still.” Larry said teasingly.

“Cool, man. Let’s get started.”

“Where do you want this?” Larry asked.

“On my back.”

“Good choice, I’ll have more room to work with. Now take your shirt off and lay on this table.”

Blair found himself nervous, even though it wasn’t permanent, he didn’t want to piss Jim off. But at the same time, he was having fun and shouldn’t have to give up all fun just because he was in love with a grump.

Conner stood by his head and said, “Oh Sandy, wait until you see this. It’s gorgeous and you’re going to love it.”

“I can’t wait to see it.” An anxious Blair answered.

One hour later, he was looking into a full length mirror and couldn’t believe how gorgeous this tattoo was. He found himself wishing it was the real thing so he wouldn’t have to keep getting the fake ones over and over again.

Blair paid for the work and he and Conner left to go have lunch. By the time they were done with lunch and more shopping, it was time for Blair to get home and start dinner.

“So Sandy, do you think Jim will like the tattoo?”

“Honestly, I have no idea, but I’m hoping he likes it, because I sure do.”

Conner dropped Blair off and he practically ran up the stairs, he was so excited.

Jim got home about an hour later. Blair had fixed beef stew, started homemade biscuits and made a nice tossed salad to start the meal off with. He leaned in and kissed Blair and said, “Where were you today. You smell funny.”

“Stinky, funny?”

“No, it’s odd, like something on you is making me tingle and I want to jump your bones. What did you do today?” Jim finally asked.

“I got a Henna tattoo. It’s not permanent and I think you might like it.”

“Show me, upstairs. Now!” Jim was pushing Blair up the stairs.

Jim began to take off Blair’s shirt and said, “The smell is driving my senses wild. I want you so bad it isn’t even funny. Once Blair’s shirt was off, Jim turned him around and whistled when he saw the art on Blair’s back.

“So you’re not mad?” Blair wondered aloud.

“Not at all. And we found out Henna makes me horny. I’m going to be jumping you for however long it lasts, every chance I get.”

“In that case, I’ll get one every month. Thanks for not being mad.”

“I love you, Blair. Now get your pants off, I want you.”

“Your wish is your command, or would that be your command is your wish?” Blair snickered as he stripped and slid into bed.

“Remind me to thank Conner.” Jim said as he kissed Blair. “She’s a menace, but in this case it worked out for us.”

“I’ll get her some flowers. Now get busy, or I go back to making the biscuits.”

“I love you, Chief.”

And I love you.”

The end.


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