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Shocking Blair Prompt 83 Drop

Title: Shocking Blair
Author: Patt
Summary: Jim has to shock Blair for a bet with Conner.
Prompt # 083 Drop
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 570
Beta: None

Shocking Blair
By Patt

Conner was on stakeout with Jim because Blair had been in court all day long. She was trying to kill some time and wanted to see if she could irritate Jim Ellison.

“So Jimbo, do you think you could ever shock Sandy? I mean, he’s the most open person I know of and I don’t think you could ever shock him. What do you think?”

“Conner, why would I want to shock him?”

“Because I’m daring you to because I bet you don’t have any shocking ideas in that head of yours.”

“Well, that’s what you know.”

“Oh, you think you can shock him?”

“I think I could shock him to the point of making his jaw drop. How much are we betting on this?”

“I can’t go much higher than $50.00 Ellison. But I do want to see if you have any brilliant ideas. I find it unlikely.”

“After we finish here, come to the loft and I’ll show you shocking.”

Conner burst out laughing, which pissed Jim off even more. Now he had to figure out how to make things clear to Blair without his feelings getting hurt. Jim did love the man, now he just had to break it to Blair.

Once the stakeout was done, they both headed over to the loft. Jim hoped that Blair would still be awake and he got his wish. When he drove up, he saw Blair waiting on the balcony, waving down at him. Jim was even more in love with the man at that point.

Conner followed him upstairs and walked in behind Jim. Blair saw Conner and said, “Well, hey Conner. Good to see you. Would you like some coffee?”

“I would love some. A certain partner wouldn’t let me get any at the Circle K.” Conner smiled over at Jim to dare him on.

Blair got the coffee going and stood watching Jim wondering what was going on with him. “Is everything all right, Jim?”

“Everything is fine Chief. I have to tell you something.”

“So tell.”

“I love you.”

Conner’s jaw dropped, but Blair’s didn’t. “I know you love me, Jim. I love you too. What brought this on?”

Jim walked over to Blair and lifted his chin and lowered his lips down to Blair’s. Both men closed their eyes while they kissed and when Jim pulled away Blair’s jaw had dropped all right.

“Oh, you mean you ‘love’ me.” Blair said with a huge smile on his face.

“Yes, I really love you.”

“And how much does Conner owe you now for getting me to be shocked?”

Jim started laughing and said, “Fifty dollars, Chief. I’ll take you to a nice place for dinner and we’ll use it towards that.”

“Sounds good to me. Conner, do you feel like you were duped?” Blair asked.

“You two planned this didn’t you?”

Jim smiled and said, “This is the first time I’ve kissed Blair and I would like to kiss him again if you would ever leave.”

“Hey, he’s making me coffee. I want a cup. Besides you’ll have all night long.” Conner smiled at them both.

She was right. She was also broke after she handed over the fifty dollars to Jim.

The end.

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