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Dinner With Eli Prompt 67 Dr. Stoddard

Title: Dinner with Eli
Author: Patt
Summary: Eli Stoddard invites Blair to dinner.
Prompt # 067 Dr. Stoddard
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 492
Beta: None

Dinner with Eli
By Patt

“So my dear boy, was it hard getting away from your policeman?” Eli Stoddard asked Blair as soon as they sat down to eat at the restaurant.

“Not hard at all. He was happy that you called me and encouraged me to meet you here. So don’t be sarcastic, Eli.”

“You could have done so much with your life and instead you gave it all up for him. We all know the truth and it isn’t that you’re a fraud.”

“Eli, how many times do I have to tell you I was going to publish that book, but it was fiction. They all made the mistake, not Jim or myself. Well, okay I left it out for my Mother to see and I shouldn’t have, but it was my hobby, why would I have worried?”

“Blair, we all know that you gave it all up for him. Why?”

“I love him, Eli.”

“That’s not a good enough reason, young man.”

“Well it was enough for me. And Jim loves me too, so we’re happy. I wish you could be happy for me.”

“I can’t be happy with you going to the Police Academy. It isn’t what you were made to be.”

“Eli, do you want to have dinner or would you like me to leave now?”

“This is what I mean, Blair. You used to explain things and now you just give everything up for Jim Ellison and expect us all to understand.”

“He loves me more than anyone has ever loved me. Isn’t that enough?”

“No, we just don’t understand how you could leave the life you had and go to the Police Academy. You don’t belong there.”

“I do belong there and it’s the life I chose. I wanted the Rollercoaster life and I’m getting it. Please understand, Eli. I’m going to leave because one of us is going to say something we won’t be able to forgive the other for. I don’t want us to end that way. I’m sorry you don’t like my choices, but they are just that. My choices.”

“Blair, please stay, we’ll talk some more.”

“No, I don’t want to stay. I have someone at home that I’d rather be with. I know you don’t understand, but I adore that man like you wouldn’t believe. It was good seeing you, Eli, but please don’t call me again.”

A sad Blair Sandburg walked out of the restaurant and didn’t pick up his pace until he thought of Jim. A smile replaced the frown he had been wearing and he couldn’t wait to get home.

It was all right that no one understood as long as he and Jim understood. That’s all that mattered.

Their love was worth a lot more than dinner with Eli.

The end.

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