pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Kill Rafe Prompt 41 Piercing

Title: Kill Rafe
Author: Patt
Summary: Someone is trying to play a joke on Jim.
Prompt # 041 Piercing
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 449
Beta: None

Kill Rafe
By Patt

Brown and Rafe were in the bullpen finishing their report when Rafe noticed Jim’s cell phone sitting on the other Detective’s desk.

He ran over and grabbed it and brought it back to his own desk and said, “Brown, how do I change this to the piercing sound one that Jim hates so much for his ring?”

“He’s going to kick your ass, Rafe.”

“Let me worry about my ass, just tell me how to do it.” Rafe waited patiently while Brown explained how to change it.

As he finished Jim came into the room and Rafe handed his cell phone to him and said, “I found this in the break room and figured you wouldn’t want anyone to get a hold of it.”

“Thanks, Rafe. You’re a good friend.” Jim put his phone in his pocket and he got ready to meet Blair downstairs. It had been a very long day.

Once they were at the loft, they had dinner, cleaned up and then got ready for bed. Both men were exhausted. It wasn’t long before they were sound asleep.

At midnight Rafe decided to call and wake Jim up with his phone. He wasn’t even thinking about Caller ID and Jim would know who it was that called him. He dialed the number and let it ring twice.

A piercing sound filled Jim’s normally quiet world and he jumped out of bed and yelled, “Sandburg?”

“What? Who changed your ring to that damn sound?” Blair was trying to calm Jim down.

“It was Rafe… I’m going to kill his ass tomorrow.” Jim looked at the Caller ID and saw that it was indeed Rafe calling him and was going to get him good.

“This will drive him nuts, Jim. Call him up and ask him what he needed because we were still up and saw his number on the Caller ID. Act like it was nothing, it’ll drive him insane.”

“Good idea and I don’t have to tell him that my ears are still ringing.”

Jim did exactly what Blair said and Rafe finally said, “I called it accidentally. Sorry, Ellison. It won’t happen again. Have a good night’s sleep.” Rafe was totally bummed that it hadn’t worked out like he had planned.

“All right, since we’re up anyhow, do you want to do anything wild and crazy?” Blair asked with a smirk in his voice.

“Another good idea, Chief. Come here.”

Jim would have to thank Rafe tomorrow and drive him even crazier.

The end.


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