pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Stop Thief

Title: Stop Thief
Author: Patt
Summary: Someone steals Blair’s Volvo.
Prompt # 006 Volvo
Rating: FRAO
Warnings: m/m
Word Count: 395

Stop Thief
By Patt

Blair Sandburg came storming into the bullpen and yelled, “You’re never going to believe what happened to my car.”

“What happened, Hairboy?” Brown asked.

“Someone stole my Volvo and left a rose in the parking place to taunt me. Do you believe it?”

“Who would steal your Volvo? No one would want it.” Rafe had to tease Sandburg.

“Hey man, it’s a classic. Anyone would love to own it and I just had a bunch of work done to it. It was running like a well oiled machine. Where’s Jim?” Blair suddenly realized that Ellison was nowhere to be found.

Simon walked by and said, “Jim took some personal time. He said he had something to take care of.”

“Oh that’s great. Now I don’t have a ride home.” Blair pouted until Conner suggested, “Why don’t you ride home with me, mate?”

“Thank you. I’m going to nag Jim about this for a good long while.”

When they drove up to Prospect Place Blair saw his baby sitting in his parking space. “Holy shit… A new paint job. Do you suppose Jim did this for me?”

“No Sandy, I think that the thief felt badly and fixed it up for you before he brought it back. Of course Jim did it. Is it your Anniversary?”

“What do you mean, Anniversary?”

“Cut the shit, Sandy. Everyone knows about you and Jim. I don’t know why you don’t just tell people so you don’t have to sneak around.”

“Everyone knows?”

“Yes, now go upstairs and thank your sweet man. See you tomorrow.”

“Thanks for the ride, Conner. “ Blair took off for the loft to talk to Jim. He couldn’t wait to thank him properly.

He opened up the door and found a naked Jim standing on the stairs waiting for him. “Hey, I love the car; it’s beautiful and so are you, I might add. What’s the occasion?”

“Four years since I told you one week to find your own place.” Jim smiled and continued walking up the stairs.

“I didn’t get you anything.”

“There’s still time. Come on.” And both men were upstairs in two seconds.

Blair’s Volvo was important but not near as important as Jim was.

The end.

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