pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Caught In the Act

Title: Caught In the Act
Author: Patt
Summary: Rhonda is on to the boys.
Prompt #: 004 Rhonda
Rating: FRAO
Warnings: m/m
Word Count: 490
Note: I saw Debbie's story and thought, I can do this. It gave me hope that I could actually write a story involving mostly Rhonda.
Beta: None

Caught In the Act
By Patt

The phone rang early Monday morning and Blair answered, groggily. “Sandburg.”

“Blair, this is Rhonda at the station. I was calling to check up on you.”

“I’m fine, why?”

“Because you were supposed to be in a meeting with Captain Banks almost two hours ago and you and Detective Ellison didn’t show up.”

“Oh fuck… We overslept.”

“We?” Rhonda pretended to be shocked.

“What I mean is, we both must have forgotten to set our alarms. I’ll get him up and we’ll be in shortly.”

“Blair, I know about you and Jim, so don’t worry about it.”

“Know what? There’s nothing to know.” Blair figured he would still try and cover his tracks while his lover just stared at him wearing a big smile on his semi-angelic face.

“Blair, I’ll tell him that Jim was sick and you were helping him and will be in as soon as he’s feeling better. I could even say that you called to tell me if you’d like me to.” She knew she had him now.

“Okay, so you know about us and that’s all right, but you don’t have to lie for us. We just overslept. Although, Jim does look a little pale.” Blair nudged Jim and they both smiled.

“All righty then. I’ll tell Captain Banks that you just called and you’ll be in as soon as possible. Tell Jim to get better soon. Goodbye.” Rhonda hung up the phone knowing she could torment them if she wanted to. But damnit all, she really liked both of the men and didn’t want to torment them.

Jim and Blair were just getting out of the shower when the phone rang and Blair answered, “Sandburg.”

“Sandburg, how is Jim feeling? Rhonda said you called in and he was pretty sick.” Simon was totally concerned which made Blair feel just a little bit guilty over, but he got over it quickly.

“He’s feeling a little better now, Simon, thanks for calling and checking on him. We should be there in about an hour.”

“Take the day off and make sure he rests all day and night. We can have the meeting tomorrow morning instead. I’ll tell Rhonda that he’s doing better, she was very worried about him.”

“Thank you, Simon. I’ll tell Jim to get back in bed and I’ll see that he stays there.” Blair could hardly keep from laughing.

“Talk to you tomorrow, Sandburg. Be well, both of you. Goodbye.” Simon hung up and Blair looked over at Jim and they both burst out laughing.

“Thank you, Rhonda.” Both men said at the very same time.

Blair was off to make sure that Jim stayed in bed all day long. After all, it was an order.

The end.


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