pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Men in Boxers

Title: Men in Boxers
Author: Patt
Summary: Jim gets Blair some cute boxers.
Prompt # 16 Boxers
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 491
Beta: None

Men in Boxers
By Patt

Jim got him and Blair matching sets of boxers for Valentines Day. They had the day off to lounge around and not worry about anything coming up, other than themselves. The boxers were bright red with white hearts all over them. Inside the hearts it said ‘I love you’.

“Man, these are killer boxers, I love them. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Chief. I figured that we could just lounge today and have fun.” Jim wiggled his eyebrows and got a little laugh out of Blair.

There was a knock at the door and both men grabbed their robes from the table and put them on. Jim opened up the door and said, “Conner, what do you want?”

“What a nice greeting, Jimbo.”

“Jim, where are your manners. Invite Conner in and see what she wants.”

“What do you want?” Jim bellowed.

“Cool boxers, Jimbo. A gift from someone? Very cute, I wish the guys could see you.”

Jim pulled his robe closed and said, “What do you want Conner?”

“I wanted to take my two best friends to breakfast. I’m off until this afternoon, so I figured I would stop by here and get you guys.”

“Conner, that’s so cool. Thanks for stopping but we already ate breakfast.” Blair tried to let her down easily and Jim was chomping at the bit to throw her out the door.

“Damn, I didn’t have anything to do today and was hoping for some company. I hate Valentines Day, don’t you?” She was looking at Blair when she asked it.

“I think it can be a pain if you aren’t dating anyone.” Blair clutched his robe tighter.

“Well, you and I aren’t dating, so why don’t we do something for the day.” Conner suggested.

“Blair got me the boxers, Conner, now if you don’t mind?”

“Oh damn, I’m sorry. I’ll leave now. Well congratulations guys.”

“Thanks for thinking of us, Conner.” Jim said nicely now that she was leaving.

“I just wanted to see if you two were an item, now that I know I can go home and plan for my date.” Conner laughed all the way to the elevator.

Blair yelled out the doorway, “I thought you didn’t have a date. You big fat liar.”

Conner smiled over her shoulder and answered, “I’m not fat.”

Jim could hear her laughing all the way down the lift.

“Jim, the next time you want to get us something matching, get us pens or something. Geeze.”

“Sorry, Chief. We still have all day to watch each other in our boxers. Are you game?”

“Of course I am. Lock the front door and we aren’t opening it for anyone.”

There was no more talking for the next few hours, the boys were very busy.

The end.


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