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AO3 Meme

Thank you, Mab for getting me excited about this. :)

1) How many stories have you posted?

898 got the Sentinel

2) In what categories?

M/M 719
Gen 179
F/M 23
F/F 2

3) What ratings?

Teen And Up Audiences (446)
General Audiences (292)
Mature (146)
Explicit (13)
Not Rated (1)

4) How many fandoms?

26 altogether.

5) How many fandoms where you've written more than 10 stories?

5 The Sentinel, Battle Creek, Almost Human, POI and Forever.

6) Any fandoms where you were the first to post a story for it?

No, never the first.

7) Any fandoms where your story is still the only one posted for it?


8) How many fandoms that are still Yuletide sized?

I have a ton that are 1000 words.

9) How many fandoms where there are still less than 5000 stories posted for it at AO3?

I would say about 8.

10) How many megafandoms (over 50,000 stories posted for the fandom at AO3)?

11) How many AUs have you written where the settings, occupations, etc are completely changed?

I have no idea, how many. I just know there are a lot of them.

12) How many canon-divergent and/or canon distorting trope (like soul marks, body swap)+canon AUs have you written?


13) How many stories have you written that would require an AO3 content warning or a CNTW?

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (868)
Graphic Depictions Of Violence (11)
Major Character Death (10)
Rape/Non-Con (9)

14) What was the shortest number of words, you've written?


15) How many words in the longest story you've posted?

My longest series is 297,044
My longest story is 73,719

16) How many crossover stories have you written?


17) How many fusion stories have you written?

18) How many RPF stories have you written?

None, I don't believe in reading or writing it. Sorry.

19) How many WIPs and/or series do you have posted?

I think there are 30. I could be wrong, it seems like about 45.

20) Do you have any fanfic that's completed but not posted to AO3?

Nope, they're all there.
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