pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

My week.

I watched our Governor debate on Tuesday with my neighbor and friend. It was good to just sit with A and complain about the candidate we didn't agree with. I took some food over. It was my last night for cooking meals for her. Her mom comes every day and decided that she would like to make her dinners for her. So now, I just visit, and take desserts over. She had a doctors appointment and the doctor wasn't thrilled with her weight loss this last 10 days. She lost another 12 pounds. She was good sized to start off with, but you still don't want her to lose everything. Then I went over and watched the Vice-President debate with my friend. We thought we should name the fly. So the star of the show is Fred the Fly. LOL I always make her laugh. After the debate was over, she asked if it doesn't work out with her mom cooking could I start up again. They would give me money for the ingredients. I guess her mom cooks with all sorts of seasonings and she can't eat them like that. Her mouth is like an open sore. From the pills she's on. I hate cancer. It's taking everything out of her and I can hardly stand it. But I do enjoy helping her with things while I"m there. She so weak now. The doctor said she could last 2 years. I don't believe that. It's been five months and I've watched her energy drop like 70%. I told God last night while I was praying the rosary, that I would gladly take any time there is to spend with A. She's very dear to me. I'm glad we're having this time.

I mopped my house the other day and decided that I need a housekeeper. LOL Just kidding. I wish I had one. Does anyone else hate cleaning the bathrooms? I always dread it. Tomorrow will be a big day. Laundry and changing sheets and stuff like that. Woot! Do I have an exciting life or what?

I've been writing longer stories for The Secret Santa Extravaganza. I think I have five now. I am happiest when writing about Jim and Blair. I can't wait for the list for drabbles. Woot! Is everyone this excited? Or am I just a spaz?

Have a good weekend and stay safe and well. Hugs, Patt
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