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Alphabet Meme

A is for Argument: Who is the last person you argued with and what was it about? I had an argument with Sam when she said there was a vaccine for Covid-19. I finally just let it drop.

B is for Breakfast: Do you eat breakfast? What do you usually have? Yes, I try and eat a bowl of oatmeal or a bowl of Life every morning.

C is for Car: Do you have one? What kind? If not, how do you usually travel? I own a 2016 Iron Man Red Elantra. I love that car. Rod's SUV is black, so mine is name, Tony Stark and his is named Pepper. LOL

D is for Dinner: What's on the menu tonight? We had barbecued chicken on the grill. It was delicious.

E is for Excellence: Name one thing you think you're really good at: I can cook and bake really well.

F is for Friends: Tell us something you like about the last friend you spoke to: Antoinette has cancer and I love her upbeat attitude, even though they can't do anything for her this time.

G is for Games: What's the last game you played (computer or board game)? Farkle. Has anyone played this. It's so fun. I love it.

H is for Home: Where do you consider to be your "hometown"? Is it where you live now? Tucson, Arizona.

I is for Internet: What websites do you look at every day? Live Journal, FAcebook, Secret Santa, IMDB, Netflix and Amazon.

J is for Job: What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing that now? I wanted to be a Peace Corp worker. No, I don't do that now. I won't even go camping. Where was my head when I thought about that? Instead I worked with Developmentally Disabled Adults for 12 years. I loved that job. It was more like a mission.

K is for Kitchen: Are you a good cook? What's your go-to dish? I love to cook. OOne of the few things I really like to do.

L is for Learning: Are you studying or learning anything new right now? Not right now. Although, Bluewolf teaches me things all the time. She's the best teacher.

M is for Movies: What's the last one you watched and did you like it? Instant Family and I loved it.

N is for Nightmares: Do you have bad dreams? Any recurring themes? Not usually. But if I watch scary movies I'm up all night.

O is for Orders: What's the last thing you bought online? Christmas presents. I'm already done.

P is for Pop Culture: Do you follow the world of celebrity and know what the hottest new music, movies and trends are? I"m lucky I get up in the morning. No, I don't follow any of that. LOL

Q is for Quiet: If you're home alone, do you like silence or background noise like music or the TV? Silence.

R is for Reading: What's your go-to genre? I read tons of sentinel Fic.

S is for Sweets: What's your favorite dessert or sweet treat? Tootsie Rolls. :)

T is for Travel: Where did you last take a trip? Calif about a year ago. This darn Covid is a pain.

U is for Useless: Name something you're just really bad at: Housekeeping. I'm not neat or tidy. Except my kitchen. That's clean all the time.

V is for Vision: Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? No, I have good eyes.

W is for Weather: What's your perfect day, weather-wise? 70's and 80's are my favorite times of year. Right now, we're still in high 90's and that's too hot for Arizona Fall.

X is for X-Men: If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Housekkeeper, kick ass one.

Y is for Yesteryear: What period of history is most interesting to you? I like all kinds of history, but I really love reading books on the Holocaust.

Z is for Zero: What popular activity do you have zero interest in doing? Bowling. LOL
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