pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

I have been so sad.

What in the world is happening with the US? I mean, I know what's happening, I just want to know why? I remember saying when they killed Martin Luther King, that I was so glad I wasn't black. I would fear for my life all the time. Then I felt guilty for being white. *sigh* But it's true. You see what happens to them and it makes you cry in sorrow. There is no amount of money that will ever take that families pain away. And then today, they shoved a 75 year old man, who wasn't black, and I realized it could happen to any of us. These police need to be trained better and have patience and tolerance. The 75 year old man is in stable but serious condition because he spoke out at the protest. He was very calm and didn't ask for it at all. Then they all walked by him lying on the sidewalk with blood coming out the back of his head and his ear. How could they do that. One cop tried to stop but the other cops pulled him away. It's insane. And we have a pandemic going on
and they aren't wearing masks to protect themselves. I'm so depressed and sad. Is anyone else here feeling this way? Oh, and I don't want to forget that our president spoke George Floyds name and he had right to. He's an animal and should be treated as such.

Okay, I'm done with my disgust over all of us.

Stay safe and be well.
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