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We are back!

We got back Sunday night at 11:50 pm. We were at the airport from 10:00-6:50. It was a really long day and night. But the cruise made it worth the while.

Everything was wonderful. We laughed so much. There were game shows every day and we were picked on the Not So Newlywed Game show. Oh my God, it was so funny. My husband's answers were a riot and of course, I had people laughing like crazy. The video taped it and played it in the cabins day and night. LOL Everyone called us by name and called us the drive-in couple. You don't know why. LOL All the excursions were excellent and fun. The food was awesome. I had Filet Mignon three different times during the cruise. One night I had Lamb Shanks, which I hadn't had since my dad got sick. He always made them for us. So that brought back good memories. Rod and I both lost weight. I guessed we had gained a couple of pounds each, but he lost five and I lost about 12. We ate all the time, but lots and lots of walking. Our cabin was awesome with the balcony. We took a drink to our cabin in the evenings and watched the sunset from our balcony. It was very romantic and beautiful. Rod encouraged me to sing a song at a Karaoke bar and I finally gave in. They asked me to sing a second song. I guess I did okay. It was fun and then we walked around and people said, "Oh, look, it's the singer." Both Rod and I turned and looked and realized they were talking about me. *grin*

Rod loves Bloody Mary's so he was excited to have one every day. He doesn't ever drink like that at home. I had virgin Peach Bellini's and Roy Rogers. (Pepsi with Grenadine)

We fell in love with Belize. I told Rod, I would love to own a home there and go when we felt like it. What a beautiful country and friendly English speaking people. Belize was a part of the UK for many, many years. They still use that currency. Rod said if my health held up we would go to Belize again. This time we would fly, I think and spend the entire week there. We only got to spend one day there.

Roatan in the Honduras was the least favorite place. We would never go back there. Cozumel, Mexico was gorgeous and so was Costa Maya, Mexico. Lots and lots of walking. We were in bed by 10:00 every night from all the exercise.

I have some pictures of me and Rod that I wanted to share, but later I'm going to put pictures of the excursions if anyone is interested.


This picture was taken at a Brazilian steakhouse on the ship. It was delicious. We had such a nice evening.

This picture was taken in Costa Maya. I wanted Rod to be able to see me. The lime green did the trick. LOL The funny part is, there were tons of people with bright orange or lime green.


All in all, we had a fabulous time. We're so glad we went. I missed you all. Going a week without WiFi was horrible, but somehow we muddled through. *grin*

Have a good week. Love, Patt
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