pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

A positive thing about me for today.

My daughter, Chris babysits her grandson, Kallan. He is almost 2. She had friends come in to town, so I volunteered to watch him three days a week instead of just one that I usually do. He's such a little charmer, I can't help but love being around him. Chris does everything for this family and doesn't get any extra days off so I watch him every Saturday or Sunday, depending on the hours, instead of her. So now she gets three days a week off and I get to be with my Bubby. :) He's such a doll baby. Chris was so thrilled to spend all the five days with friends instead of babysitting. And Alexa, Bubby's mom, lives only 12 mminutes from our house. Woot! I don't know if I've ever posted a pic of him. So I will today. (Lucky you)

I came home on Friday aafter watching him for 9 hours and Rodney said, "You look exhausted." I reminded Rodney that he's almost two. I get my exercise, let me tell you.


Have a great Sunday. :)
Tags: kallan growing up
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