pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

8 Positive Things.

This was taken from spikedluv. I thought it would be a good meme. Not funny,, not sad but uplifting. :)

Five Positive Things(had too many)

1. I am finding wonderful things on live journal, that make me think, make me smile and make me answer their posts. Thank you, Spikedluv.

2. I wrote two more children's books over the weekend and they are darling. I'm so enjoying writing them. With any luck, okay a lot of luck, I might get something published. But for right now, I just wait patiently and try to keep positive thoughts. :)

3. Everyone in my family are feeling fine. I have absolutely no complaints.

4. I'm going to the movies on Thursday with my honey. He loves being retired. I do too. We're seeing The Angel has Fallen.

5. It's almost the end of August and I vowed to keep my spending for Christmas way down and watch for sales for the Christmas shopping that I dread every year. I'm waiting until November to shop. You have to know what I'm like to know how hard this has been to keep from buying things already and cutting back on my allowance. I'm usually done by August 15th.

6. I did something for a friend of mine just because she couldn't do it for herself. She was so thrilled.

7. I've started telling my children, my husband and my grandchildren how much they mean to me. You just never know how loong you'll be here and I want them to have good memories of their Grammy, Mom and wife.

8. I feel like my block is leaving. I haven't written anything but children's books, but yet I feel like I will be writing something soon. I love fanfic.

Have a good day, everyone.
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