pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

The Snowflake Challenge: Day 10

Create a fanwork.

I created a short list of stories for The Sentinel, Forever and Almost Human.

I decided to rec some Sentinel Fandom stories.
Epiphany by PsychGirl

Nicking St. Nick by Magician

Jingle all the Way by Katef

An Ideal Celebrations by Franscats

Fairytale of Cascade by Unbelievable2

A Stranger Calls by Katef

A Sneaking Suspicion’ by Katef

Take the Long Way Home by Katef

In the Almost Human Pond, here are a couple of small but awesome ones.

Together in Electric Dreams by PattRose
Giving Thanks by PattRose

Forever TV

Brandy Manhattan by PattRose
Tags: snowflake challenge: day 10

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