pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

We're going on vacation starting Saturday.

I love taking trips and relaxing and also seeing some great spots in Arizona. Even though we live in the state, we like to visit places that we've never been. Sam is so looking forward to leaving. We all need a break. Seven days in a two bedroom, two bath condo. It has a full kitchen, laundry room and everything else to make our trip feel like home. Sam is bringing a friend with her, so she has someone her age instead of just us old folk. :) They are both excited for Saturday. I see a lot of pooling and hot tubbing in the week. The girls are like fish, loving to swim. I'm going to take a notebook with me and see if I can maybe write some stories while I'm up there. I've been sort of down in the dumps and lots on my mind, making writing come to a complete halt. I sure hope this plan works. I told the girls that we are going to have carpool Karaoke on the way there and back. I have a Beatles station and they're going to learn the songs if it kills all of us. *grin* Sam already loves some of the Beatles songs, so it shouldn't be a stretch. Now if Rod will just behave, I'll have it made. See you all when we get back. The 16th is going to come flying by too quickly. I can already tell. Have a great week and weekend. I'll be thinking of all of you.

Hugs, Patt
Tags: pre-vacation
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