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I'm going to see my mom.

On December 26th, I'm flying to New Mexico to see my mom. The family said she is going downhill very quickly and the doctor said he doesn't expect her to live too much longer. But you never know, they said that about my dad and he lived another six months. Mom has congestive heart failure, she's going blind, diabetes and a number of other things. She's so weak that she can hardly get around anymore. Dan said that she rarely eats. Just enough to get by, but has lost so much weight it's sad. So I'm going to say goodbye. Even if she lives for another month, I want to remember her before she gets bad. All the family members are coming one at a time from out of town. We don't want to overwhelm her in any way. My daughter, Chris is going to keep Sam for me, so I won't have to worry about her being alone at the house while Rodney works. Rodney wishes he could go, but two people in his department are gone for funerals and one for vacation. There is no way he could leave them that short handed. My brother Dan is the spiritual one in the family and he said that mom is just waiting for God to call her to be by his side. I think she thinks she might be in charge of heaven when she gets there. I keep telling her that Dad is in charge. She always snickers and admits to missing him like mad and can't wait to join him. Her memory is going more each day and she asked me if I thought when you go to heaven you could remember everything or not. She needs to remember things again. Of course I tell her that she'll be young, happy and solid memory up there. This makes her happy. I'm praying that she'll hang on until I get there. I've seen mom twice this year already, so I didn't feel like leaving Sam at Christmas, was a good thing. I've got to get mom a new rosary. She plum wears hers out. She has forgotten the words for The Lord's Prayer, so Dan wrote them down for her. She also has the Hail Mary written down for her also. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

When I come home I have to have an ultrasound done. I have a lump on my thyroid. They took one half of it out 30 years ago and we'll find out if they need to figure all this and either do surgery or figure out what would be causing it. When it rains it pours. But on the good side, We're ready for Christmas. :)
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