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DVD reviews. LOL

Not really. Just telling you what movies we saw this weekend. The Fog was the first one and it wasn't too good, but wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen either. The main ghost was great and I wish he would have been in it more.

The second one we watched was Crash and we just loved it. I think everyone should watch this movie. It makes you think for hours afterwards. Very good characters and all of the actors were marvelous.

The third one we watched was The Island. It was pretty predictable, but had some great special effects. I've been trying to find something good about all of the movies I've seen lately. LOL Nothing like an upbeat DVD reviewer.

If you're going to rent a DVD make sure and rent Crash. It will be worth your time and money. :) Let me know if you watch it and like it. Oh heck, even let me know if you didn't like it.

Did any of you see A History of Violence? Rod and I watched that at the theater and we loved it, but I've had numerous people tell me how much they hated it. I'm beginning to think we might have poor taste in movies. :)

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