pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

I'm sorry I've been absent from fandom news and friend news.

I'm terrible. When I'm doing something I get so focused on it that I can't seem to do anything else. This Easter Charity is taking a lot out of me. Not that I mind, I love the charity, but I miss posting a lot and talking with all of you. So I'm not ignoring anyone, just busy, busy, busy with RL. You're all in my thoughts though. Does that count? The charity is going well. We're doing stuffed animals in backpacks with Easter goodies to go along with the Easter dinner. In my walk-in closet, I have 66 stuffed animals for the cause. :) All donated. My friend and I are doing a total of seven boxes for the shelter. We're going to be very busy in April. BUt everything is paid for except the hams for the dinner. We are set that way. Geeze, I love when a plan comes together and actually works. I'll probably drive you all nuts with news about the charity once it's over and done with. Have a good March and April. I will pop in when I can.

Hugs, Patt
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