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Title: Shopping
Author: Patt
Word Count: 363
Summary: Jim tries to pull a fast one.
Acknowledgments: Thanks to Margaret for having this nice little list. (A new 60 Second Fan Fic list.)
Warnings: Prose

by Patt

Don't ever go shopping while hungry.

You end up with half the store and then your lover yells about it.

I can't help it, I see about ten things I have to have.

And none of them have Blair on it.

I hate shopping alone.

But if I bring home all this junk, he won't let me go alone again.

Good thinking, Mr. Sentinel man.

I start to put everything away as he gets home.

He’s watching me and smiling.

I look at him and ask what is wrong.

He puts his arms around me and says, “Not a chance in hell.”

I turn and say, "What are you talking about?"

He smiles at me and informs me that this stuff was not staying.

Choose either shopping right or sleeping alone.

Well, shit.

This backfired on me.

Damn it all.

I want him so bad and he won't sleep with me if I eat any of this stuff.

He is "so" not fair.

I start putting all the stuff in a bag.

He asks me what I’m doing.

And I smile and say, "Giving it to those new neighbors as a welcome to the building gift."

Oh, he liked that a lot.

Then he hands my keys to me and says, “Now shop.”

“Do it right.”

And then I do something I don't like to admit to.

I beg him to go with me.

And he does.

God, this man is wonderful.

We are shopping, and I’m so turned on I can't hardly see anymore.

Down the canned food aisle and all I can think of is sucking his cock.

He knows that I’m thinking this.

He takes me in his arms and says "Show me when we get home."

Hot damn, this man can make me come with his voice alone.

We finish shopping and it was great.

I don't mind if I’m not alone.

And I really like when we get home.

I’m not alone then either.

And I love munching on him.

I was hungry for him.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Shopping is my new favorite thing.

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