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My Grandson is sick

Poor little thing is sicker than a dog. He's got that cold/flu virus going around. He's 17 and he's one of those kids that doesn't complain at all, so I've been waiting on him trying to make him feel better. I just hope that Rod and I don't get it. If we do, we might have to kick him in the butt. LOL Just kidding.

Has anyone else been sick lately? I hope you're all well.

I'm in the mood to redo my bedroom. New drapes, quilt and some new dressers. I said I'm in the mood, not really going to do it. LOL Everything is so expensive.

We're going to have a movie night tomorrow night. We're watching The Fog, Crash and The Island. We're hoping that a couple of them will be good. Has anyone seen these movies?

Have a good Friday. :)

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