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What I'm doing over the holidays.

I have a friend across the street named Antoinette and she asked me if I had a charity for Christmas already. I told her we had four kids from the Angel Tree, but that was all so far. She told me about this Family homeless shelter that has 17 bungalows full of families that have no holiday dinner coming their way. Each bungalow has a small oven and a refrigerator. She asked if I could do a dinner for one of the families. I ended up with four families. But I'm not doing it alone. Shannon is clean and sober and heard about it and said she would do two of the families. So she and Anthony are coming over on the 22nd to cook and bake with me. We're doing turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn and pumpkin pie. Each turkey will feed two families, so that made it a little easier on the pocket book. We're decorating the boxes that we will be delivering the stuff in and we're going to make up little tiny stockings with candy canes for all the kids. And there are a ton of them. I wish we could do more, but we're lucky we're feeding them. There isn't enough left to buy a gift for the kids. One of my families has two sets of twins. Can you imagine being on the street with four little ones? They are only 4 and 5. All together there are 11 children. One family has four boys between 14-17. And you know how hungry these kids get. So they will have to have extra food in their boxes. It's going to be a lot of work but it's going to be so worth it when we're done. Antoinette did the same thing for Thanksgiving too, so she is a pro at this now. *grin* You know it makes you feel so good to know that you can help someone you don't know, especially during the holidays. Sam is so excited about cooking and baking. She's going to help make the pies. And then she's in charge of the corn and gravy. Busy, busy, busy. I went shopping today to get things to decorate the boxes with. It's going to be so nice. I'm so proud to be part of this group. And it pleases me even more that Shannon is doing so well and is going to help with everything. That night I finish cooking, my daughter, Chris will be here from Texas. It's going to be crazy. She'll pitch in and help too. I know that much. ONce we finish all this and deliver on the 23rd, then we can focus on our family. I told everyone they are coming second this year. LOL They don't mind a bit. Okay, I'm finally done rambling. I hope your month is going well too.

Hugs, Patt
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