pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

What a royal pain.

Who ever thought finding a three bedroom house with a two car garage would be that difficult? And the person looking isn't too picky either. I'm pickier than she is. And then once you do find a place they inform you once they take the application fee, we won't know for 5 working days. Oh bullshit. You can buy a car in ten minutes. If they'll loan you that much in ten minutes, what is the problem? It's very depressing for the person who happens to be looking for the house. But I have faith. I think this next week is going to be our week. I just know it. I can feel it in my bone. I can use good vibes, everyone. :) Thank you.

Oh and she's got fantastic credit, but other people are applying also leaving her by the wayside. I think perhaps it's her age. They expect a 25 year old party girl. She doesn't drink at all and is so quiet and sweet. I sure hope someone gives her a chance and soon. I'm praying to Saint Francis tonight and hopefuully he'll be listening.

Hugs, Patt
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