pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Been there, done that Meme.

Pinched this from, sara_merry99

It's pretty straightforward just bold the ones you've done.

Been Married
Been Divorced
Fallen in love
Gone on a blind date
Skipped school
Been to Canada (On our cruise to Alaska.)
Ridden in an ambulance
Been to Hawaii
Been to Europe
Been to Las Vegas
Been to Washington D.C (Can't wait to go again.)
Been to Nashville
Visited Florida (Six times.)
Visited Mexico (Twice)
Seen the Grand Canyon in person
Flown in a helicopter
Been on a cruise (Been on five.)
Served on a jury
Danced in the rain
Been to Los Angeles
Been to New York City
Played in a band
Sang karaoke (It's an addiction.)
Laughed so much you cried (Especially with my sister, Mary.)
Laughed so hard you peed
Caught a snowflake on your tongue
Had children
Had a pet
Been sledding on big hill (When I was a kid.)
Been downhill skiing
Been water skiing
Rode on a motorcycle (Loved it.)
Been on the Radio
Traveled to all 50 states
Jumped out of a plane
Been to a drive-in
Rode a Horse (It bucked, threw me off and then kicked me in the head. Hate horses to this day. I was 12 years old.)
Been on TV
Been in the newspaper (Does Wedding announcement count?)
Stayed in the Hospital
Donated blood (I've always wanted to, but can't because of Pernicious Anemia.)
Gotten a piercing Just my ears and that didn't go well.
Gotten a tattoo (Iron Man)
Been scuba diving
Got a speeding ticket (One in my entire life.)
Broken a bone
Gotten stitches
Traveled Alone (Just flying.)

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