pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

You won't believe this...

I went to an all girl party last night and her husband was the waiter and bar tender. Well, he knows I don't drink, can't drink liquer and he said proudly, "I found this drink mixes that have no alcohol in them, so you'll have virgin drinks." I was so excited. I could drink what everyone else was, but mine would be virgin. So he made me a frozen drink called mudslide from TGIF and proceeded to put it in the margarita machine and wahlah, I had a virgin mudslid. I told him when I took the first drink that it was cool cuz it tastes like it had alcohol in it. They all laughed, I took my huge drink and sat down and started partying. He gave me another one when I was done and I almost finished it and he grabbed it out of my hand. I looked stunned of course and he said, "I'm so sorry Patt, there is alcohol in this. 16%, so you've had two drinks with that and he used a ton of mudslide. *sigh* I haven't drank anything since I was 25 for a good reason and now I was tipsy at a party. He and his wife kept apologizing, but I told them I could taste the alcohol plus I was way too relaxed with strangers. I should have known. Usually, I make an appearance and then an hour later I leave. I got there at 4:30 to help her set up and left at 10:30. So yeah, I was drunk off my ass. :( Not to mention I"m on heavy duty drugs that don't mix well with drinks. I had a good time, but now I have to start all over again. You have no idea how badly I wanted another mudslide. Today I was thinking I should get something like that to make up for the guys for FAther's Day and realized, I wanted it. The disease never leaves. And damn it, now I have to start all over again. *sigh*

I miss my dad so much, but especially on FAther's day. It's going to be one of those days. It'll be fine. It'll be fine. It'll be fine. Yes, I now feel a little better. Have a good day everyone.

Love, Patt

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