pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

What my son and daughter-in-law got for Sam for her birthday

She goes to church with a group of kids from school, so she likes dresses. Believe it or not. :) She's such a tomboy, usually. Anyhow, Tom and Tammy got her this dress for her bday because they know how she loves dresses. We got her some beautiful new shoes to go with all of her new things for church. (She doesn't go with us because we don't go to church. We just don't get into it.) She tried the dress on and said, "I think it's the most beautiful dress I've ever worn." WE just smiled because it makes her glow when it's on her. Coral is the color of the bolero jacket and it's her color. :) With the shoes we got her both the white and the black to go with different dresses. She has six of them. And she loves shoes too. :)

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