pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

When things go horribly wrong...

well, Chris, Brett and Alexa left Friday morning at 3:30 to head back to Texas. They made it from out house to their house in 15 hours, which is good time. Alexa went to drop them off and their house was surrounded by neighbors and they knew something had happened to the house. On the second floor is a water heater, it burst and flooded the entire house. Everything is destroyed. Right now, they are taking things out and pulling thing up off the floor, but they are also taking walls down. All of the walls have to be replaced. They haven't gotten inside the walls yet. Fun, fun, fun. The insurance company brought out a team that stayed all night night and morning getting all the water out of the house. Then the brought it the inspectors and they are still doing their jobs. Chris and Brett are staying in a hotel. The inspector said to count on being there for at least 6 weeks or longer. Depending on what they find in the house once the walls are all down. Oh, and the ceiling fans and the ceilings are coming down too. It's a disaster area for sure. And Chris was so upset because she's lost all her brand new furniture she got in November. She also lost some of the artwork that they had done while living in Trinidad. It's such a shame. I feel so bad for them. My brother Chris, who Chris is named after, called me when he found out because he wanted to tell me it's the name or something. Wiley, Texas had baseball sized hail and he had 15, yes, 15 come through his roof and house. He had flooding, the roof is gone, the air conditioner is gone, the storage shed in the back yard is gone along with the brand new fence he had just put up. All in all, he said he was really lucky. Some of the neighbors have much worse damage. Our daughter, Chris said she agrees, it might be the name. Both are just so upset and I feel so bad because there is nothing I can do from Arizona. Heck, there is nothing I could do there. Alexa took their Doberman, Harley and she's not happy about it. Harley, I mean. She wants to go home. Poor things, please keep all of them in your good thoughts. Thank you.

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