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I took Samantha to the doctor today

She's been running a fever for two and a half days, coughing like crazy and just all around felt lousy. The doctor listened to her lungs and said she had pneumonia and they tested her for strep and she had it. She was really a very sick little girl. She never complained about her throat hurting at all. Anyhow, the doctor said only the right side of her lungs had pneumonia, so we caught it early. But he did say if we can't get the fever under control in two days, she might have to be admitted to hospital. She wasn't thrilled about that at all. So I'm of course seeing to it that she's taking the antibiotics, the ibuprofen and tons and tons to drink. Her fever is only 101.8 tonight that's much better than almost 103. I told her I'd leave our door open and if she has trouble with coughing, fever or anything else to come and get me. She hugged me and said, "You're one of the few people that would actually get up." LOL She's so cute. And she's right. I wake up easily and in a good mood no matter how little sleep I've had. I have started Fran's story three times in the Big Bang and have to give it up until I get Samantha under control. I can't seem to focus. Oh the joys of being a parent again. LOL

PS: I forgot to mention that friends of ours asked Sam to go to the Grand Canyon and Sedona with them for five days and she was so excited. Needless to say the doctor told her she wouldn't be going anywhere. Poor thing. Once she's feeling better we'll do something fun together.
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