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I totally missed chat today.

I'm so bummed. A friend in the neighborhood asked me if I could watch her kids for a few hours, so I did. she's very good about keeping Sam for us, and felt it was only fair. So I went over there and they were gone all day. LOL Not that it was a bad day. I really like the kids, and we went swimming and just hung out together. It was a nice day for their mom and dad. R and J moved here in January and haven't been alone once from their three kids. I was happy to do it for them, but bummed at the same time, know what I mean? I'm not even complaining, just a little sad that my life changed. The old Patt wouldn't have had to babysit and I was thinking about that. But I got over it pretty quickly. Sometimes I miss that old Patt, but today was about R and J. They had a wonderful day. And when I went home the six year old found out I was going to mop and insisted on helping me. So I had a little helper, who did indeed help a lot. Some kids are just so darn cute and grown up for their age. They are wonderful neighbors. And it is nice to have a pool so close. LOL How was the chat? Someone tell me all about it, please????


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Mar. 20th, 2016 08:03 am (UTC)
Go onto the chat site and on the left hand side there's a list of things you can do. One is 'review mode' and it lets you check back on a chat. You'll have to go back several pages - it was pretty active with at least 24 people showing up over the course of it.

I'm just going in to check on what I missed after I went to bed.
Mar. 20th, 2016 08:09 am (UTC)
I missed chat too, Patt. My cousin from Australia was paying an unexpected visit so I couldn't really leave her to chat away! I am going to review in a mo as well. :))
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