pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

What a Bruiser...

Sam got tripped at recess today and when she fell she had something in her arms, so she was slow to put them out to stop the fall. She fell flat on her forehead, chin, nose, lip and her arms and knees are all scraped up like crazy. Her nose is all swollen and black and blue. It took the office twenty minutes to get the bleeding stopped, but then she was fine after that. She had no headache, no anything so we came home and I watched her all afternoon and night. This happened at 10 this morning. I called her doctors office and they said to keep her home an extra day to watch her just to be sure she's all right. I just gave her Tylenol and another ice pack and it looks like she's getting black eyes. *sigh* Poor thing. She loved it because I let her eat ice cream for lunch and dinner and dessert. LOL Her poor lip is huge and there was a pebble stuck inside her lip. The teacher told me she was so impressed, Sam didn't even cry when it happened. Two of her friends did. LOL They were so upset with the blood. Sam told me that she knew she had to stay brave for her friends. Just letting you know what a trooper she is.
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