pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Thus is my life...

Sam wants a 25-30 inch flat screen tv for her room. She has an old one. Really old. It's big and bulky not to mention an eyesore. But we just don't have the money for it and I told her she can save up for it. She's a little frustrated because she only made 12.00 last week and figures at this rate it will take way over a year to get one. I explained she needs to learn that you have to do things when you have the money, not when you feel like it. If that was the case, she would have everything and be a spoiled brat. I also explained that she needs to remember there are always people that are even more poor than herself. I think she understood, but that doesn't mean she liked it. Heck when we were young no one had a tv in their room. We were lucky to have a tv in our living room much later in life for me.

Sam wants to volunteer at the group home we go to and they informed me that she can come and visit with me, but she can't come alone or do anything productive with the guys. I realize she's only 10, but it seems like they could put her to use in some small way. Don't you think?

Now, I have a question. Sam's best friend has become very verbally abusive and makes Sam Cry all the time. I don't know what's going on. I ask her if Sam did something and she said, "I just don't feel like putting up with her right now." Then she sits on her Kindle and refuses to talk to Sam. So I asked my friends and relatives is Sam is really annoying or something and my son said he thinks she's one of the kindest girls he knows of. Everyone all said the only thing about Sam is she tends to be a mother hen. She thinks she has to take care of everything and anything. :) I stopped letting this girl come over to the house for the weekend and instead we have Sam's cousins over one at a time to stay with her and play. We've had four sleepovers with other girls and there have been no incidents. It's weird Do you think I did the right thing or I should have kept my nose out of her business? God, it's been so long since I was a mom.

And lastly, my oldest daughter, Samantha's mom is now on the streets. Before she lived with her druggy boyfriend. Now she's on the street. She said she was thinking about asking a friend to take her out here and pick Sam up for an outing. I told her no. Then I asked Sam if she knew what to do if her mom told her to get in a car with her. She answered all the right questions and seems to be doing okay, so I'm going to let someone higher up worry about this. :) But my middle child, asked if Shannon was coming for dinner on Thanksgiving. I honestly don't know what to say and could use some advice. What do you all think? It would be much different if she was off drugs and making an effort.

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