pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

Something odd about me, but not a bad odd. :)

So I went for a check-up at the eye doctor because my vision has gotten so wonky. I see better without my glasses and I didn't know why. That's because my vision is once again 20/20. Do you believe it? All these years I've worn glasses and now they are back to normal. They are blaming the cataracts. I guess it changes your eyes for the better sometimes. Not often, but I don't care. My cataracts aren't bad enough for surgery yet, so now we just play the waiting game. But I did have to pick up some readers. (Glasses for reading.) I still can't see close up. :) That's an age thing, I believe he guessed. No more glasses. Yay. Well, except when I read. :) I'm so thrilled it was nothing weird like a tumor or something. Hee hee. I was afraid there was one on my eyes and they had changed everything. Proves you shouldn't worry about things. Wait to worry when you have something legitimate to worry about. Have a good Tuesday.

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