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Spring Cleaning in January

I figured since it was in the 70s every single day I would start some Spring Cleaning and I have. By the time Spring gets here, the house should be clean. Have I mentioned how much I hate cleaning.

Our Son Tom moved back with us for a while, until he gets on his feet again. Things went downhill for him for some time, but he's back on track again, thankfully. So he's a big help around the house. He does all of the heavy and hard stuff. That's been nice. And Vincent our Grandson is staying with us for two months so that's been nice too. So far, anyhow.

So tomorrow, we are shopping and cleaning. Doesn't that sound exciting? I know it excited us. LOL

Our dog Grace was with a friend for about three weeks, but she's back now and we really missed her. She's a good ole dog. And she is old, that's for sure. She's 12 already and we find ourselves wondering where the time went.

Have a good Monday, everyone.

Hugs, Patt

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