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The Last Time Ficlet

Title: The Last Time
Author: Patt
Challenge 116 Sentinel Thursday
Word Count: 181
Category: Slash
Warning: Blair’s thoughts about Jim.
Rating: R

The Last Time
By Patt

The last time I saw Jim naked was 8 hours and 37 minutes ago. It seems like 8 days instead. He’s due home any minute and I plan on having him naked and in bed before we have dinner.

The last time I made love to Jim was 10 hours and 12 minutes ago, and that is entirely too long. I don’t care if he whines about being hungry; we are making love as soon as he walks in that door, in fact it will be in record time.

The last time I told Jim I loved him was this morning, and it’s time.

The front door opened and in walked Jim smiling saying, “Hey Chief, how was your day.”

I didn’t have to say anything; he knew what was happening and followed me upstairs.

The last time I saw Jim naked was 20 minutes ago and he still looks godly.

The last time I told Jim I loved him was 32 seconds ago and I will again soon.

The end.

Tags: fiction

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