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I'm a very happy camper.

First I find out that The Sentinel is coming out on DVD and that made me very happy, but then I found out two of my old favorites are coming out. I'm bidding right now on Alien Nation, the series and can't wait to get it. :) It was one of my all time fave shows. And next is Hardcastle and McCormick. Does anyone remember that show? Better yet, did anyone besides myself like that show? I loved it. It's coming out in Feb, so I've got my name on the list for Amazon and they'll tell me as soon as it comes out. Whoo Hoo. Two more series to add to the ones I have. I have Angel, Hunter and Stargate Sg-1. Not that many to start off with, but then hubster has Soprano's and Babylon 5. We have enough to keep us in shows for a long while. Right now, we're watching Season 8 of Stargate. We had forgotten how much we missed Jack until we laughed at all of his dorky jokes in this season.

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