pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

We might need a few prayers.

Could you keep my son Thomas in your prayers and good thoughts? He has a small tumor in his eyeball and has to see a specialist about surgery and all that. right now, he's having some trouble with his vision and pain. So, it's more annoying to him than anything. He's a tattoo artist and needs his eyes for his job, so that scares him a little bit. But the doctor didn't seem too alarmed. Just said it needed to come out or off, however she worded it and he'll need a week off with no pressure on his eye at all. Good luck with three kids flying around the house all day long, right? LOL Anyhow, his appointment isn't until Febr. 4th. That's the soonest they could get him in to the doc. and that's not for the surgery, just just to discuss it. Rodney(my husbter) thinks he needs to go to the emergency room where they can send him to their specialist and have it done right away. It's a worry, but not a huge worry. Keeping good thoughts, myself and passing them on to Thomas. :) Whether he wants them or not.
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