pattrose (pattrose) wrote,

More about Brokeback Mountain

In the first post, I said that because of the sound loss, it wasn't as moving to me but I don't want anyone to think it's not a good movie. I just couldn't hear it. A friend said go and see it again, but I won't because it will still have crappy sound, plus someone else told me that Heath Ledger mumbles in his other movies. Not a good thing for a hard of hearing person to look for in an actor. :( I think what I might do is read the original story and go from there. I have a feeling in my case the story itself would be much better and would touch me more. I was very disappointed after I saw this movie, but not because of the movie itself. Just because I couldn't hear it. I'm sure no one else had that same problem.

Did anyone else see it and have troubles hearing like I did? I'm going to wait and see it on DVD and hope for subtitles.

And isn't it a pisser that this movie is only playing in older theaters having to do with artsy fartsy films? They have shitty sound systems and it's no wonder people can't hear what they say.



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